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The site on the videos is not up and my brother and i would like to know where to find the mods


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Sorry to inform you, but XerainGaming is no longer active. after they removed me as a moderator (as I resigned, because of lack of support, and the fact that they didn't give a poop about me) they went downhill from there. With no Moderator active to run everything, on his own (me), XerainGaming slowly, but quickly went down the drain.


So sorry, but you cannot find mods on this website, you'll have to search google for them, as they've been long removed with the website updates.


as a former moderator, I'm STILL glad to help, shows them they mistake they made.


as far as I know Danny & Andre aren't even friends anymore, and its next to impossible to find either of them active anywhere online.


Sorry for all the bad news.


 - Nathan/630pm 

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