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  1. OMG! Are you guys coming back!?!?! I just saw a video in my subscription list on YT, i really hope you're back!

  2. THE BIG BANG THEORY RULES!!! Best show in the world! Loving the new series so far!!!
  3. What are your favourite bands/singers? My favourite band is 5SOS (5 Seconds Of Summer), my favourite singer is Taylor Swift but I also really like Ariana Grande. My favourite genres of music are Rock/Pop. I like most of the music in the top 20 UK charts and I'm always up to listen to new things!
  4. Helloooooo... anyone here?!?!?

  5. I was so confused at first when I tried to log in but I just re-created my account and read this, thanks for explaining it! Otherwise I would have been lost forever, lol