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  1. Ok then I accidentally revived this topic. Oopsy!
  2. Are you sure? I haven't logged into the game for a while now so I don't know. Or maybe you're just using a newer game version and the server isn't compatible with that version. Because 1.11.2 was released in december. There's even snapshots for 1.12 now btw.
  3. Hey HappiestBearbear, the last time I saw this problem it had something to do with long usernames. If indeed the old version of the plugin is not doing something else, shortening your name might solve your chest locking problem. You'd still have any existing locked chests though. In my personal opinion, with the other anti grief plugin the server is using, we don't actually need Lockette. But some people still prefer it. They might not want to mess with (the actually very simple) commands used to claim and set permissions for areas of land. I'm not sure they're going to change the plugin configuration any time soon though, sadly. And in case you'd like to look into your abilities for land claims, you can visit the plugin page: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/griefprevention.1884/
  4. Does anybody know why Andre hasn't continued doing a play through of Story Mode? His latest is episode 5, but there are 8 now. I know the title says END, but obviously more episodes came out, and I wonder why Andre's series ended. I really like watching the series, I enjoyed Andre's reception, experience and reactions, and this way I got to enjoy the full story of the game. Was there a particular reason why it ended, like the amount of views/interest, Andre's personal interest, or other? Do you know why, @xert77? Thanks
  5. Cool cool Thanks again for my VIP!
  6. Hi Danny, I was a VIP before the weekend. You remember me, right? We played and chatted together on Chroma Hills during the Xerain Kingdoms series. I showed my iron golem farm and explained how it worked. And later I showed you my mini compact redstone toilet on the xeraingaming server, during the Epic Minecraft Project series. I know you likely have me on your list, but I'm just recollecting memories. I love being a part of the community and have played together with you guys. You taught me the game haha.