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  1. Hey!

    Sorry to inform you, but XerainGaming is no longer active. after they removed me as a moderator (as I resigned, because of lack of support, and the fact that they didn't give a poop about me) they went downhill from there. With no Moderator active to run everything, on his own (me), XerainGaming slowly, but quickly went down the drain.


    So sorry, but you cannot find mods on this website, you'll have to search google for them, as they've been long removed with the website updates.


    as a former moderator, I'm STILL glad to help, shows them they mistake they made.


    as far as I know Danny & Andre aren't even friends anymore, and its next to impossible to find either of them active anywhere online.


    Sorry for all the bad news.


     - Nathan/630pm 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Jack_McKalling said:

    Are you sure? I haven't logged into the game for a while now so I don't know.

    Or maybe you're just using a newer game version and the server isn't compatible with that version. Because 1.11.2 was released in december. There's even snapshots for 1.12 now btw.

    No trust me. Nothing exists anymore. 


    - Server is gone.

    - No video's for over 2 months, 

    - no tweets

    -website is dead.


    XG is dead.


    hmm, maybe because they dont have a moderator doing everything for them. :P


    - oh, and Dan moved away.

  3. On 3/19/2017 at 6:46 AM, Jack_McKalling said:

    Hey HappiestBearbear, the last time I saw this problem it had something to do with long usernames. If indeed the old version of the plugin is not doing something else, shortening your name might solve your chest locking problem. You'd still have any existing locked chests though.

    In my personal opinion, with the other anti grief plugin the server is using, we don't actually need Lockette. But some people still prefer it. They might not want to mess with (the actually very simple) commands used to claim and set permissions for areas of land. I'm not sure they're going to change the plugin configuration any time soon though, sadly.

    And in case you'd like to look into your abilities for land claims, you can visit the plugin page: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/griefprevention.1884/ 

    ... the server doesn't even exist anymore...

  4. how are you guys surprised at this? i mean they always have lockette problems. its a plugin meant for friken 1.7/18.8....


    its now 1.11...




    I mean its the server, what else is new... its always broken tbh.

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  5. ok. lets start!


    a) Whats 100 divided by 10 - 4?

    b) Whats the answer for a - 3?

    c) now subtract b, by 5-2.

    d) Whats the 16th letter?

    e) Whats the 13th letter?



    - #Oreo

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