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  1. OH. MY. GOD. I cant even anymore. I swear omg I just cant. I mean how does this happen (I mean its even got the word scam in the link XD) yea I'm sorry total loss omg I'm literally laughing here in my chair
  2. how is this account still a thing? xD

    1. Maddogpwnsu


      What do you mean?

    2. OreoCookieMonster


      I uh, used to moderate here... And uh, got really angry, and pissed off, went on a rampage, got banned, kept on being a dick, I regret it now, but that's not going to unban me, and I don't blame them. I understand, but I've made a new account, ans made it blatently obvious that it's me, and they haven't banned me...

  3. how are you guys surprised at this? i mean they always have lockette problems. its a plugin meant for friken 1.7/18.8.... its now 1.11... so. I mean its the server, what else is new... its always broken tbh.
  4. ok. if this isn't giving myself away, I dont know what will.


    Like come on. I signed up October 12th. its now November 28th xD

  5. *Shove* (upwards)
  6. *nudge*
  7. I'm an oreo. everyone knows oreo. everyone knew me....
  8. lol unban me
  9. I was a VIP. before I was banned... imeanwhat - Na- -Oreo
  10. *boost*
  11. ok. lets start! a) Whats 100 divided by 10 - 4? b) Whats the answer for a - 3? c) now subtract b, by 5-2. d) Whats the 16th letter? e) Whats the 13th letter? - #Oreo
  12. omg the santa danny. I saw that on instagram
  13. Hello! I'm Mr.Oreo. I dont yet have a twitter. well, not one that isnt a personal twitter. but I'll make one! - Oreo
  14. I went to school, had some fun in computer science, looked at my old tumblr page, and then bought some oreo's because I was hungry. then I headed home, and then to work, filming some hockey -Oreo