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  1. Can you please tell me why i cant download any of your maps from the pumpkin curse maps

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    2. Nuke_Games


      yeah could somone help i have been looking for it forever

    3. CaptainDeadpool_


      Hi there just follow this link and it should take you to an older version of this website and the map downloads are there hope this could help

    4. CaptainDeadpool_


      But if not here they are. They all work on the latest version of minecraft except in Eyes of Ender the shop and ender eye alter dont work. You can fix this though by going in creative mode and when you have an ender eye break the block and with the shop go underground and place a redstone torch on the line of redstone that leads to the minecart dropper. I don't know what version it was meant to be played in so if you do please reply.

      Again Hope this helped!

      P.S Just unzip them and the world save and text files are in there.

      Just go %appdata% and click .minecraft on windows or ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft on mac.