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  1. I knew itd break. I'm surprised anyone still played on it. So not surprised on bit :p. XG is just sad where sis they even go rn?
  2. I forgot about the plugins XD. I haven't been on because I'm so freaking busy and I don't have a computer to play anymore. lol.
  3. Try blowing up your chest. That's what I'd normally do. If that doesn't work, then you may need the admin or you're screwed. Good luck my fellow furry friend. -The old BearLord2015, Dragon
  4. I have a feeling that I know who this is?
  5. Posting vids. But I'll probably bring in more people after I settle so it's a nice sized place
  6. Hey guys! Dragonheart here. I wanted to give a heads up that I'm starting up a brand new town. Within a the next couple months, my friend and I (his IGN is SeaWail) but the new town is going to be themed as a YouTubers only thing. So I'm like November or December we are going to begin the town (and channel) so I'm hoping to see people then!