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  1. Hey everyone, Recently the XerainGaming website has been over run by spammers, for months we tried to set up barriers to try and contain it but they still managed to get through. We had captcha, links disabled for new members & automatic spam detection & still spammers continued to come and abuse the website. Due to this we have decided to go back to our previous website software (we seemed to have very low spam using this) but we also made the decision to start from scratch. There was three options: Option one was to migrate the current website to this software keeping all users, posts & information. However there has been so many spam registrations and banned spam users, we thought it would be better to start from 0 and have a fresh clean start. There had also recently been a clean up by moderators so the forum had lost a lot of posts, categories and threads. Option two was to restore to a backup from February 2015 when we used to use this software and had absolutely tons of posts. But after discussing this we decided that it would be weird to have a year and a half jump. Option three, the desired choice was to completely restart. This seemed to be the best solution, in fact we didn't only restart the forum but the entire website server was reset & cleaned, all databases and files were deleted to ensure we could start from a clean sheet. With the recent launch of the new fresh server we thought a fresh website to go with it would also be a great idea. This also means that REAL users can register and all the spam accounts are gone! I understand that this might be very frustrating for some people, but the website had become dead and the only action was from spammers. I am still working on getting everything set up, so bear with me for the next couple of weeks. VIP USERS: I have a saved list of the current VIP users on the old website, so if you were a VIP register and I will manually make you VIP rank again. XERAINIAC USERS: If you were a Xerainiac rank on the website (not the server, that is seperate) there is currently no plans to have this rank moved to the new website. But if there is a strong request for it, I can look into implementing it again for users who post a minimum amount of posts. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I am working on getting the Vip rank set up and will start adding previous Vip's to that member group as the sign up to the new website. If you were an active Vip reply to this thread and I will check it against the active list I made before the new start. Over the coming couple of weeks I will tinker with the member groups and ensure that Vip's have some better privileges. I am away this weekend & start of next week though so it might take a little while. Thanks!
  3. Use this thread to share your Twitter account & follow others. Copy the list of Twitter names in the last post above you & paste them into your post, then add yours at the bottom. http://www.twitter.com/xeraingaming http://www.twitter.com/xert77 http://www.twitter.com/ifdanyt http://www.twitter.com/xainsf
  4. Yeah I remember
  5. Just a quick follow up to this, e-mails should now hopefully go into inboxes & not spam boxes. I needed to setup how e-mails were sent in a different manner and it now seems to be working better. If you don't receive an e-mail in your inbox, I would check spam as occasionally it may happen, if it does you can list it as not spam and future e-mails will be sent into your inbox.
  6. Hey guys, If you have signed up and haven't received a verification e-mail, please check your Spam Box. We are in the process of transferring our domain name (xeraingaming.com) from one company to another, and this is causing the e-mails to be detected as spam due to the domain not having proper authentication. I have spoken to our hosting company and they are working on a fix but this could take 2-3 days. If you have any problems tweet me on my personal Twitter @ ifdanyt and i'll see what I can do. Any accounts not verified within 30 days are automatically deleted by the system. Thanks!
  7. Did you do something really cool today like saving a KFC bucket of chicken from falling all over the floor, or maybe you just stayed in bed all day and watched a show on Netflix. Let everyone know here!
  8. Umm... Don't you have school! I played the sims & watched shawshank redemption with @hungrymattress