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  5. Can you please tell me why i cant download any of your maps from the pumpkin curse maps

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    2. colby


      where do u go to download the maps

    3. legobboss789


      did u find it yet


    4. Nuke_Games


      yeah could somone help i have been looking for it forever

  6. The site on the videos is not up and my brother and i would like to know where to find the mods
  7. Any intention of bringing this back? Has potential. lmk

    1. OreoCookieMonster


      you should check out .....

    2. thehoodiedgamer


      holy fuck, Dannys made his own website?

    3. thehoodiedgamer


      hmm, I dont know why, but it actually kinda dissapoints me with what Dans become. But anyway, Its not my right to tell him to live his life...

  8. lol this is the fake news section, they surely mean.
  9. I want to know what happened to the server... did it rot, because I wasn't always online taking care of it, and my fellow players?

    1. thehoodiedgamer
    2. millewave


      this is random but

      Bring back the memes

  10. OMG! Are you guys coming back!?!?! I just saw a video in my subscription list on YT, i really hope you're back!

  11. aha lol I was wondering why you replied to this
  12. Ok then I accidentally revived this topic. Oopsy!
  13. No trust me. Nothing exists anymore. - Server is gone. - No video's for over 2 months, - no tweets -website is dead. XG is dead. hmm, maybe because they dont have a moderator doing everything for them. - oh, and Dan moved away.
  14. lol wtf happened here. XG went to the shitter.




    yea I thought so.

  15. Are you sure? I haven't logged into the game for a while now so I don't know. Or maybe you're just using a newer game version and the server isn't compatible with that version. Because 1.11.2 was released in december. There's even snapshots for 1.12 now btw.
  16. ... the server doesn't even exist anymore...
  17. Hey HappiestBearbear, the last time I saw this problem it had something to do with long usernames. If indeed the old version of the plugin is not doing something else, shortening your name might solve your chest locking problem. You'd still have any existing locked chests though. In my personal opinion, with the other anti grief plugin the server is using, we don't actually need Lockette. But some people still prefer it. They might not want to mess with (the actually very simple) commands used to claim and set permissions for areas of land. I'm not sure they're going to change the plugin configuration any time soon though, sadly. And in case you'd like to look into your abilities for land claims, you can visit the plugin page:
  18. A discord would be great!
  19. OH. MY. GOD. I cant even anymore. I swear omg I just cant. I mean how does this happen (I mean its even got the word scam in the link XD) yea I'm sorry total loss omg I'm literally laughing here in my chair
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  21. I've been on here before but it seems so my account got restarted or removed (the point is that it isn't working probably because so many time inactive) and well my name on minecraft is still the same (Gabriel_824).
  22. how is this account still a thing? xD

    1. Maddogpwnsu


      What do you mean?

    2. OreoCookieMonster


      I uh, used to moderate here... And uh, got really angry, and pissed off, went on a rampage, got banned, kept on being a dick, I regret it now, but that's not going to unban me, and I don't blame them. I understand, but I've made a new account, ans made it blatently obvious that it's me, and they haven't banned me...

  23. Oh! And it will also include the original wrecked soundtrack!
  24. Ive been thinking of making a wrecked series, starting with stranded, to ender, to Pumpkin Curse. However, I will be spicing up it a little, It will have animated segments (Simillar to Xeraingamings latest survival series) which will progress the story and stuff. Hope you enjoy! I will be uploading the first video on my channel soon.
  25. I was having a good day. so I change my ign, when i join back to the server I can't accecs all my privite chest
  26. I knew itd break. I'm surprised anyone still played on it. So not surprised on bit :p. XG is just sad where sis they even go rn?
  27. how are you guys surprised at this? i mean they always have lockette problems. its a plugin meant for friken 1.7/18.8.... its now 1.11... so. I mean its the server, what else is new... its always broken tbh.
  28. ok. if this isn't giving myself away, I dont know what will.


    Like come on. I signed up October 12th. its now November 28th xD

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