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Minecraft Shizzle Becomes Minecraft Kingdoms

News 07 Nov 2014
Hey everyone,   Survival Island is coming to an end and will probably reach at least episode 100! Not only was it one of our most popular series ever, but it is also the longest beating Tekkit at 94 episodes!   So you may be asking yourself, what next? Is Minecraft Shizzle coming back a...
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XG BETA Forums

News 02 Nov 2014
Hey everyone,   Today we renewed our forums software & we have some exciting news!   The current forum software is 3.0 and has been out for several years. However the company has now released a new 4.0 version which is brand new & has been optimized to suit today's social intern...
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Why YOU make the channel!

News 09 Jul 2014
Hey everyone,   If you haven't noticed our channel since starting survival island has taken a huge turn, in fact it's turned so much it's making me dizzy with excitement & hope.   Daily Views:   Daily Subscribers:   Before we released survival island we were getting on a...
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News 15 Oct 2014
I am resigning from Staff permanently. School and general responsibilities have taken enough of my time that I have decided to resign from staff. There is simply a lack of time I could give to XG, and in the name of keeping proper grades, a good social/personal standing, and just in the name of t...
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Livestream 12/10/2014 9:15pm UK time.

News 12 Oct 2014
Hey   There will be a Livestream today (12/10/2014) 9:15pm UK time.   I think we will be playing Cops & Crims in celebration of Andre getting XerainGamingYT on the leaderboards. I think he even said he might buy a network booster, so be sure to come play!   http://www.twitch.tv...
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