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News 15 Oct 2014
I am resigning from Staff permanently. School and general responsibilities have taken enough of my time that I have decided to resign from staff. There is simply a lack of time I could give to XG, and in the name of keeping proper grades, a good social/personal standing, and just in the name of t...
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Livestream 12/10/2014 9:15pm UK time.

News 12 Oct 2014
Hey   There will be a Livestream today (12/10/2014) 9:15pm UK time.   I think we will be playing Cops & Crims in celebration of Andre getting XerainGamingYT on the leaderboards. I think he even said he might buy a network booster, so be sure to come play!   http://www.twitch.tv...
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The Moment You've All Been Waiting For...

News 20 Sep 2014
Please don't get too excited, buttttttttttt...   THE SERVER IS OPENING ON SUNDAY!    Also, there could possibly be a livestream on Sunday, it all depends on Dan & Andre's internet connection. We can't wait to see you all on the server on Sunday!    
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Urgent WRECKED help!

News 16 Jul 2014
Hey everyone,   We have a found a team of builders to build Wrecked. If you wanna know who they are then just look at the Disney Server we showcased. The builders of that server have created a build team & are very eager to create the next Wrecked & create something epic.   Howe...
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Official Forum Rules

News 24 Jul 2014
While looking at the old forum rules thread it was determined that they needed to be updated. The thread was titled "non-official" and was referencing things that are not even used on these forums anymore. Shown below are all forum rules.   Do not spam (this includes advertising)  Do n...
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