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The Moment You've All Been Waiting For...

News 20 Sep 2014
Please don't get too excited, buttttttttttt...   THE SERVER IS OPENING ON SUNDAY!    Also, there could possibly be a livestream on Sunday, it all depends on Dan & Andre's internet connection. We can't wait to see you all on the server on Sunday!    
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Official Forum Rules

News 24 Jul 2014
While looking at the old forum rules thread it was determined that they needed to be updated. The thread was titled "non-official" and was referencing things that are not even used on these forums anymore. Shown below are all forum rules.   Do not spam (this includes advertising)  Do n...
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Member Of The Month! - Congratulations

News 01 Jul 2014
Hey everyone,   Use this thread to congratulate the Member of The Month! If you are a Member Of The Month, feel free to make a speech here.   Congratulations to all past & present Member of the Months. You can view them all here: Click Here
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One Year Competition Thing

News 06 Sep 2014
Hello everybody It has offically been a year since I became staff with XG. To celebrate, I will be giving away ALL 70,000+ Forum Credits in my possesion via competition. The rules are simple: Post one time on this thread.    I will then take the post numbers (minus my own post of cours...
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Slight delay with MOTM

News 02 Sep 2014
Just wanted to note that due to Danny nor Andre having internet access the next MOTM will be delayed until Danny can edit the website. Staff apologizes for the inconvenience.
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